Port Royal Real EstateIf joining an exclusive club in Naples Florida sounds inviting to you, you may want to consider the Port Royal Club of Naples. Considered by many to be one of the best clubs that you can join, you will be able to create great memories with friends and family. You get access to the club, dining, entertainment options, and health and recreation amenities that you will enjoy. There are many benefits to this membership which we will now discuss, some of which will motivate you to consider joining right away at this all-inclusive club in Naples.

This is a club that is not solely limited to people that want to interact with others that are part of the membership. It’s designed for friends, family, and even your neighbors if you happen to live close together and simultaneously join the club. This began back in 1938 and started with two mi.² of marshland. This later became and establishment with over 600 building lots. This is a business that is committed to excellence, providing a gracious and affluent atmosphere, allowing people to enjoy the fantastic sunset and fun filled activities that all members get to experience.

How Do You Join?

Real Estate Port RoyalFirst of all, if you are a Port Royal property owner, you are encouraged to adhere to the club. It welcomes both owners and people that might be new to the area that does not necessarily have any property with this company. As a member, you get to enjoy not only the Port Royal Club, but the tennis facilities, fitness centers, spa, and many dining options. If you just became a Port Royal property owner, you have about 90 days to decide to become a full number, choose not to be a member, both of which are choices that are yours to make.

Part of the club is being able to take advantage of pristine beaches, large heated pools, and personal trainers that will be there to help you. You can take classes on physical fitness, and exercise at world-class facilities, and even benefit from a physical therapist. Spa treatments are a great way to make yourself feel better, even rejuvenate, making you wish that you had done this years before. If you are an avid tennis player, along with being a golf player, you can take advantage of the facilities that are associated with this membership plan.

Dining And Entertainment Amenities

This is one of the best aspects of the club when it comes to entertaining family and friends. It’s especially useful during the holidays. You get the opportunity to dine at some of the best locations and take advantage of entertainment such as a club event, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the many different seafood buffets. During the summer, they have cookouts where you can go to the beach and have fun with people that you know. You can also plan for a dinner party, allowing you to prepare one for up to 400 people, making this one of the most comprehensive programs available.

Port Royal HomesFor those that would like to have access to some of the best real estate in Naples, Port Royal Club property is something that you can ignore. These are waterfront properties, with a starting price of 3.5 million for a vacant lot, and up to 24 million for homes that are on the waterfront canal. If you are going to have one that is on the Gulf of Mexico, these are even more expensive. They start from 13 million, going all the way up to $60 million, and some of them are actually within two or three blocks instead of one. The price that you pay is going to be reflective of its location, and also the quality of the structure that you are investing in. As with all real estate in Florida, especially beachfront property, it’s going to continue to escalate in price making this a worthwhile investment.

If you would like to learn more about all that Port Royal Club has to offer, you can contact them on their website, looking at the many different attractions that they have available. You will be able to talk to them over the phone, and also sign up for your membership, allowing you to start enjoying what so many other people do every day of their life. Even if you are part of a golf community somewhere Naples, it’s good to have this as an additional plan. This gives you extra options, allowing you to add different activities to your itinerary every single week that would simply not be available if you were not a Port Royal Club member.